F.A.I.R. (Foster Allegation Information Resource)

Foster parents are at a higher risk of abuse allegations than the general population due to:

FAIR Phone Numbers:

800-277-8145 or 515-289-4225


About the FAIR Program

The IFAPA Foster Allegations Information Resource (FAIR) program was developed to assist foster and adoptive parents across Iowa who face an allegation of abuse or neglect. FAIR is designed to provide support, information and resources to parents during this difficult time.

The IFAPA FAIR program has a toll-free confidential phone line. We can answer questions and provide accurate information regarding the assessment process.

The FAIR Program will provide foster parents information, not counseling or legal advice, regarding the assessment process, as well as foster home licensing issues. The FAIR Program is not involved in the Child Abuse Assessment, instead it is a resource for foster parents who need information and have further questions.

The FAIR Program serves as an accurate information source during an abuse assessment by:

Please keep in mind that:


Our FAIR Program


Tips for Parents During an Assessment:


How to Minimize the Risk of Abuse Allegations in Your Home


Guide for Mandatory Reporters (updated July 1, 2010)

Effective July 1, 2010 a new category "Allows Access to Obscene Material" has been added to the child abuse law. This type of abuse is defined as a caretaker knowingly allowing a child access to obscene material, exhibiting obscene material to a child, or disseminating obscene material to a child, as defined in Iowa Code Section 728.1.
To view the full DHS Guide for Mandatory Reporters, click here.




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