IFAPA Programs & Resources

The Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parents Association offers the following programs and resources to support foster, adoptive and kinship parents in Iowa.

Trainings for Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Parents

IFAPA offers a variety of continuing education to foster, adoptive and kinship parents throughout the year. IFAPA strives to provide effective trainings on parenting, working with the system and birth parents, and other relevant issues in foster care and adoption. LEARN MORE


Friends of Children in Foster Care

The Friends of Children in Foster Care program provides foster children with the funds they need for those special “extras” in life which they would otherwise not receive. Some items this program has been able to help foster children obtain include music instruments, summer camps, school trips and senior pictures.


Support Group Affiliation

Support groups offer opportunities for parents to provide mutual support as well as obtain required training. IFAPA provides educational materials, training opportunities, financial assistance and general support to over 45 support groups. LEARN MORE


F.A.I.R. Line (Foster Allegation Information Resource)

This program was developed to assist foster and adoptive parents across Iowa who face an allegation of abuse or neglect. The FAIR program is designed to provide support, information and resources to parents during a difficult time. LEARN MORE

IFAPA Website

The IFAPA website serves as a resource for families and social workers in the field. Parents can access information on IFAPA programs, upcoming training dates, support group locations, HHS forms, copies of IFAPA publications and links to other helpful resources. Check out our site map to find everything you need.

IFAPA Newsletters

News & Views - IFAPA produces the News and Views newsletter on a quarterly basis. Policy updates, peer support, training opportunities and resources relating to foster, adoptive and kinship families are core subjects of this newsletter.

Weekly Word - IFAPA also produces a weekly newsletter called the Weekly Word that is sent electronically to all IFAPA members. This newsletter contains information regarding IFAPA’s programs, trainings and other information helpful to foster, adoptive and kinship families. The latest issues of these newsletters are available on the IFAPA website.


IFAPA Publications

IFAPA publishes a variety of resource materials for foster, adoptive and kinship parents to assist them in understanding procedures of HHS and to enhance their parenting skills. All publications are free of charge and are available on our website. VIEW PUBLICATIONS

IFAPA Lifebook Pages

IFAPA has created over 70 lifebook pages that families can print off for free. A lifebook is a scrapbook-like creation that documents a foster/adoptive child's history, celebrates their accomplishments, their experiences with different families, and their feelings along the way. VIEW LIFEBOOK PAGES

Appreciation Event

IFAPA hosts our annual appreciation day at Adventureland. All foster, adoptive and kinship families are invited to a day of fun at discounted prices. The event is held every year at the end of summer. VIEW UPCOMING EVENTS



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