IFAPA Welcome Pages

A Welcome Book is intended to help a child transition to a new home, whether they are being placed in a new foster home or with an adoptive family they have not met. Welcome Books are helpful for children of all ages. Prior to placement, a Welcome Book can be sent to the child to read and review. Welcome Books help the child learn more about the family they are going to be placed with and what their surroundings will look like. This will help ease a child's fears and help with their transition. IFAPA created these FREE pages to help families make their own book. Each page can be downloaded and printed separately.


Welcome Book Cover

Hello My Name Is (One-parent introduction page with photo)

Hello Our Names Are (Two-parent introduction page with photo)

Kids That Live Here (Introduce your children and foster children with photos)

Our House

Good Food

Time for Bed

Our Yard

Our Pets

Our Cars

Our Neighborhood

What We Do for Fun

Other People in the Family

Our Extended Family

Family Hobbies

Celebrating Holidays

Family Traditions and Celebrations

Our Family Rules





Wrapper End